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Mix loading for raw materials of diaper
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We bought one diaper machine from China on 2010 and we contacted with Amy on the first of 2011 for trial materials. We had compared few factories and finally we choose Amy because the diaper performance was better when we produce the materials from Amy. Besides, she is with me for 24 hours always and once we have problem she always can solve it at the soonest time. So our diaper business is much better now and she will help us to be NO.1 in our country. She also helped me to find the professional technicians to help us reduced the wastage cost.
Abdo, P*****company
We knew Amy from 2010 but we did not cooperate when we met. Due to the prices problem, we bought materials from another factory at the first time but the quality was poor which made our technicians so much troubles. So we contacted Amy on 2011 and sent her sample for copy. The quality of materials from Amy are all good and machine runs better. So now, we are the second biggest factory in our country. We are enjoying to work with Amy, she knows materials very well.
Danny, D*****company
I am the buying agent for 3 customers who have the diaper machines and we worked with Amy on 2010, started from pulp. She always fast act for my orders which made me and my customers happy. Also helped me to mix some other spare parts into my containers.
Kitty, R******LIMITED
I am the buying office from BD and we met Amy on canton fair 2010, started to work with her on 2010 with small order of raw materials. Amy is always professional and supporting us a lot. Now our purchase quantity increased a lot during these years. She is deserved to work together.
Iqbal, P*****LTD


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