Project Description

Breathable Film

Breathable back sheet film for converting baby diapers, adult diapers, feminine sanitary napkins and pantyliners.

Micro porous , these composite structures enable water vapor molecules and air to pass through, yet it restricts liquid flow, to avoid your baby’s red buttocks.

Common characteristics:
• excellent breathability: enables to comport the baby via eliminating unwanted secretions of liquid vapor.

• Soft touch for baby skin

• Cloth like touch and feeling

Basic weight:10-40gsm


Inner Core: 76mm
Outer roll diameter: 460mm can be customized

Application: backsheet for hygiene pads and diapers.

Packing by wrapping film

1. Q: How many grades of spunlace non woven you have?
A: We have many different grades with different ratio of viscose and PET.
More viscose materials, softer and more expensive.

2. Q: Which one is most popular available?
A: Different country have different requirement.
For us, the popular ratio is Viscose: PET= 2:8 or 3:7 or 4:6 .

3. Q: Can you make jombo roll of spunlace non woven for us?
A: Yes we can, but should be suitable for our machine width( 3200mm)


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