Project Description

Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melt adhesives is made of a mixture of resins, oils and tackifiers. The hot melt adhesive is applied melted and when it cools down provides the bonding force to glue the materials. Another material is synthetic resin which will be your solution for premium diapers.

for the backsheet and non wovens, it has strong adhesive performance to ensure core integrity and also high bonding strengths and excellent wet peel.

For the leg and waistband, which has a more elastic nature to hold materials as they are being stretched, it also has higher bonding strength and it is generally more expensive than construction adhesives.

Specially used in the feminine sanitary napkins, with high peel positioning performance for all back sheet whether applied for transfer slot or direct spray.

Packing: 20kgs/ctn

Application: used for sanitary napkins/diapers/underpads.

With pallet: 12tons/20’GP

Without pallet: 20tons/20’GP

1. Q: How many grades of spunlace non woven you have?
A: We have many different grades with different ratio of viscose and PET.
More viscose materials, softer and more expensive.

2. Q: Which one is most popular available?
A: Different country have different requirement.
For us, the popular ratio is Viscose: PET= 2:8 or 3:7 or 4:6 .

3. Q: Can you make jombo roll of spunlace non woven for us?
A: Yes we can, but should be suitable for our machine width( 3200mm)


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