Project Description

PP Frontal Tape

PP frontal tape is used to allow for multiple repositions of the lateral tape without tearing the back sheet.

It is made of polypropylene film and attached to the front of the diapers with adhesive. We have various colourful design for your choosing.

More important, pp frontal tape is very cost-efficient which mainly for economic baby/adult diapers!

Basic weight:25gsm


Inner Core: 76mm
Length: 4000/8600m/roll

Application: Frontal tape for baby /adult diapers.

Packing by wrapping film

1. Q: How many grades of spunlace non woven you have?
A: We have many different grades with different ratio of viscose and PET.
More viscose materials, softer and more expensive.

2. Q: Which one is most popular available?
A: Different country have different requirement.
For us, the popular ratio is Viscose: PET= 2:8 or 3:7 or 4:6 .

3. Q: Can you make jombo roll of spunlace non woven for us?
A: Yes we can, but should be suitable for our machine width( 3200mm)


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