Project Description

PP Spunbond Nonwoven

100% Polypropylene Spunbond non woven fabrics are commonly made with continuous filament fibers, and offer excellent uniformity, high strength in all directions and elasticity of machine run.

Both hydrophobic and hydrophilic grades are available for us.
The difference is the surfactant treatment used in the profess.
The surfactant treatment reduces the surface tension of non woven, reducing the contact angle with the water and allowing it to pass.

Common characteristics include:
• Economical
• high breathability
• good strike through, wet back and run off values

Basic weight:10-240gsm


Inner Core: 76mm
Outer roll diameter: 580/780mm can be customized

Hydrophilic: the top sheet of hygiene pads and diapers, and can be perforated for special demand.

Hydrophobic: for laminated substrates for back sheets.

Packing by wrapping film

1. Q: How many grades of spunlace non woven you have?
A: We have many different grades with different ratio of viscose and PET.
More viscose materials, softer and more expensive.

2. Q: Which one is most popular available?
A: Different country have different requirement.
For us, the popular ratio is Viscose: PET= 2:8 or 3:7 or 4:6 .

3. Q: Can you make jombo roll of spunlace non woven for us?
A: Yes we can, but should be suitable for our machine width( 3200mm)


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