Raw materials for pull up diapers

Topsheet: spunbond/thermal bond nonwoven

Legcuff: SMMS nonwoven, spandex

Acquistion layer: ADL

Absorbent core: SAP, Carrier tissue, untreated fluff pulp

Backsheet: texitle backsheet( online or offline)

Frontal tape: Printed tissue

Belt: waistband nonwoven+spandex, elastic nonwoven

Hot melt glue: Construction glue, Elastic glue


The Comfy Raw Materials for Pull up Diapers

Y&S is home to some of the most hygienic raw materials for pull up diapers. Babies want nothing but comfort. The fact is a slight discomfort can just ruin the mood of your baby and make him/her display the expression of irritation. Thus, it is quite imperative to get the appropriate raw materials for the baby which can ensure extreme comfort for him/her.

Undoubtedly we have proved our reliability through our products. It is indeed a matter of great pride for us that we have some of the most high quality raw materials for pull up diapers to offer you.

You just name it and get assured to find the material at Y&S. Be it the elastic belt for pull up diapers or for that matter the Velcro frontal tape, you can find it all in our offerings.

One of the best aspect about Y&S is our products are pretty affordable to buy hence keep all your worries about the price factor at bay. We know a pull up diaper has to make the baby comfortable and considering the delicate skin of the baby we have ensured to provide the smooth materials which would keep the baby relaxed throughout.

Take a look at our raw materials for pull up diapers and contact us to get one soon.